Author: Dima Titov

Christmas is a special time when everyone wants to share joy and happiness with others. Small presents help share emotions and feel the magic of the moment with their neighbors, close and distant friends from all over the world. This is made even easier with small apps dedicated especially to Christmas and New Year.
The holidays are over and people have sweet memories that will remain with them for the rest of the year—until next Christmas.
Check out our list of five charming apps from different categories to show how great ideas help people celebrate Christmas and New Year.

1 IT Craft magic Christmas card

IT Craft sent a card with Christmas greetings and a dedicated Augmented Reality app for friends and partners. The card also contains simple instructions on how to use it. In order to make the “magic happen”, users scan the QR code and install the app from the store on their smartphones. Then, when they launch the app and point the camera towards the picture on the card, they and enjoy music and a 3D snow globe. The card is also available online:

2 Deck Your Halls

This Augmented Reality app for iOS devices is based on ARKit. It enables users to decorate any space with Christmas-related items such as gingerbread men, a Christmas tree, presents, and much more— all of which can be changed according to one’s taste. Apart from festive animations and cheerful sounds, the app enables taking snapshots and sharing them with friends.
Of note, the app does not require a marker for it to function.

3 Bag it, Santa

A simple, funny game where users help Santa Claus fill up his bag with different presents. The presents fall from the sky while Santa, who is standing on a flat icy surface, has to catch them without falling down. For each present, users get points When Santa falls down, the game ends and the user sees the end score that he or she can share with friends—or he or she can start a new round.

4 Santa vs Zombies

This Augmented Reality shooter is a remake of a rather old mobile app where users play for Santa who has arrived to a town full of the walking dead. Santa is equipped with an ice-shooting bazooka and has to shoot down approaching zombies as long as he has bullets. There is no high score or any challenges in the game although it has great visual effects that look especially amazing in the snowy landscape. Thus, it suits zombie fans who want to spend a themed Christmas to have fun on holidays.

5 Coca-Cola magic app

Number five on our list is an Augmented Reality marketing campaign by Coca-Cola called “Share More Happiness”. As part of its global activities, Coca-Cola, together with its partners, launched the first Christmas AR event in India to provide interactive experience for visitors of the Forum Mall in Chennai, India. During the campaign, visitors took photos and shared them on a wide screen in the mall. It was a fun experience for shoppers and beneficial for stores which saw a boost in sales.

The proof is in the “Christmas pudding”: Christmas-themed Augmented Reality for toys and games can be a lot of fun during the Christmas and New Year season creating memories for people to last the rest of the year.

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