Merge Cube app : review and capabilities
Merge Cube Apps: The Time has Arrived to Touch and Feel the Virtual

Merge Cube Apps: The Time has Arrived to Touch and Feel the Virtual

Author: Kristi Hyllekve

Move over Pokémon Go. You are soooo yesterday. There’s a new kid on the block: a six-sided hologram cube to hold the virtual in the palm of our hands!

How? Merge Cube and its amazing Merge Cube apps, of course.

With you, Pokémon, we could only pretend you were there: we chased you, found you, tried to catch you.

But ever elusive, you wouldn’t let us touch you.

Merge Cube augmented reality apps have given us a whole new dimension. They have taken us from 2D to 3D, from flat to a fascinating holographic visual and tangible experience.

So long, Pokémon Go: you are history.

How to Use Merge Cube

Looking at it, the Merge Cube projects no magic—not even a hint of magic. It is a drab, six-sided black foam cube with seemingly hieroglyphic markings on all six sides. Initially, the box appears more interesting than the 4” cube. And the box proves useful: it converts to a mobile phone/iPad/tablet holder.* The holder makes the Merge Cube experience more enjoyable and it also stops jittering that has plagued ARKit.

When unpacking the Merge Cube, remember to retrieve the activation code directly underneath the cube. Download one or more Merge Cube apps. When you launch the first app, you will be required to enter the activation code. Put the phone in the box holder, aim the camera at the boring black cube. Voilà! Magic! A six-sided wonder!

Merge Cube is limited only by the current apps available. Presently, most of the Merge Cube games target the younger audience. Among many, these include:

  • Fireworks and Campfire both have virtual smoke rising in your room
  • Piranha
  • The Castle
  • Tilt Ball [good for “older kids”]

For even “older kids”, check out 57° North.

Of note, a Merge AR/VR headset can also be used, but is not necessary, especially for the younger set.

Merge AR Cube

Why magic when meshing a Merge Cube with augmented reality? Besides going from lifeless 2D to vivid 3D, education becomes entertaining, enervating becomes exciting, boring becomes brilliant, monotonous becomes mind blowing. You get the picture.

And what pictures you get!

From an educational point of view: a Merge Cube augmented reality toy truly is the best thing since sliced bread. Why? Because younger children can connect to things which too often seemed beyond their mental scope. Now, holding the Merge Cube and being able to see and to visualize parts of life and living helps the abstract become real.

For example:

  • Mr. Body—target audience, elementary kids, ages 5–10. Shows 10 different organs and gives basic information.
  • Galactic Explorer—target audience, children ages 10–14. Search our solar system. Snippets of information to whet their appetites and want to learn more.
  • Dino Digger— target audience, children ages 6–12. Fun for budding paleontologists. The cube is a small patch of rock or ground that a child must dig out. Very interactive.
  • HoloGlobe—targeted for high school students, ages 14–18. Still in its infancy, this app shows real-time information, weather, including cloud coverage, slowly rotating night/day of the earth.

However, there is a major drawback with Merge Cube. Limited—very limited—physical activity. To date, the apps keep the viewers entertained, educated, and engaged: but not active. Not yet, that is.

Perhaps Pokémon Go is not yet doomed to the ash heap of history and still has a place in our world.

Why Jump on the Mobile App for Merge Cube Bandwagon?

Why Jump on the Mobile App for Merge Cube Bandwagon?

It’s time for Merge Cube 2, the second generation. Now is the time to explore greater possibilities, discover new and greater holographic experiences.

And to get people moving.

The only limitation is your mind—and we know, dreams and capabilities of the mind are limitless.

So, we are looking for great ideas for the next generation Merge Cube augmented reality apps, apps capturing the power and magnitude of the hologram and holographic experience.

Do you have an idea? Or two? We have the expertise to make a successful Merge Cube AR app development happen.

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