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The virtual reality world in entertainment is immense and still evolving.

While diving into VR, users can find a whole treasure trove of activities including Virtual Reality in entertainment. But VR gadgets are pricey, so still not very popular in the home entertainment space. However, companies involved in the entertainment business readily purchase necessary VR equipment because of huge interest among clients. It is no surprise that various entertainment platforms buy the best the Virtual World entertainment has to offer.

For instance, such activities are provided by cinemas equipped with respective VR facilities, online gambling portals with VR games (the best, real-money online casinos consider implementation of VR very promising and lucrative). Plus computer games, of course.

VR Entertainment Around Us

VR Cinemas

VR Glasses are the springboard of VR creation. To immerse yourself into imaginary virtual world entertainment, you need visualization first and foremost.

But VR Glasses are quite expensive, so there is little chance they will follow in the footsteps of smartphones and spread like wildfire any time soon. Besides, the considerable weight of VR glasses quickly causes fatigue when wearing them during a game or watching a movie.

Apart from visual impressions, virtual reality entertainment has other essential qualities: good sound, tactile perception, temperature control, position in space.

The easiest way to ensure sound quality is to use standard stereo headphones. All other mentioned feelings and perceptions are provided by specific motion armchairs that vibrate, move, tilt, and change temperature from hot to cold.

Modern cinemas purchase additional equipment to create various scents. It’s not an easy task because the scent must come and go according to a precise schedule and be replaced by another one at exactly the right moment.

The most expensive facilities allowing users to dive into a fictional fantasy world are used in cinemas; for instance, individual armchairs with extra gear, glasses, helmet or tools for aroma injections. Sometimes they add a water pulverizer simulating waves splashing or a fan—the wind: both at a required temperature and speed.

Online casinos and VR

Online gambling is private entertainment. People love playing alone at home using computers, laptops, or smartphones. Developers understand this and use desktop browsers and specific apps to implement VR in entertainment games.

The difference between VR cinema and online casinos is that VR cinema strives to engage all five senses of an unreal world, while online casinos try to bring the player closer to the real-world casino atmosphere.

Times have changed. Before the only available casino fun were slots—now all but forgotten. A step closer to a virtual entertainment experience was an opportunity for gambling fans to play a life-like game. Now it is possible to put on special glasses and seem to be present at the dealer’s table.

Application of VR in entertainment industry

No doubt, computer games are the most genuine type of VR apps. Users like VR games for their ultimate realism and immersion none of the traditional computer games could ever provide. Does the computer-games industry act as the lifeblood for finding new opportunities in VR app development? Absolutely.

Let’s take a look at some examples of VR in entertainment and get familiar with some of the top VR games.  

1 Titans of space

An educational VR game for children. Its main goal is to explore the Universe while flying around the solar system and between planets and satellites. A good choice to make children familiar with astronomy. It is also an interesting experience at any age. Since its release in 2013, Titans of Space has been substantially updated. Today users can choose between three versions of the app: Classic, Mobile, Titans of Space Plus (latest version). The developers think they can do even better and promise to bring even more improvements in the game. So, its fans expect some new features like a Tour Guide and Tour Map for jumping between stops of the journey. It’s also planned to make it possible for a user to leave the virtual cockpit and fly for a while using only hand controllers. These features are going to be added to the Plus version.

2 SpaceTunnel

Space Tunnel is a VR game based on users’ reaction speed. The most dynamic and full-of-fun game offering single and multiplayer modes to compete with friends by collecting points. The goal is to fly in outer space and avoid obstacles. To be successful, a player must have sharp reflexes and stable nerves. The graphic looks perfect but people prone to neurological issues might have problems while gaming, because bright pictures and light flashes arise and vanish frequently. All this occurs directly in front of your eyes and can overstimulate the brain.

3 Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a simulator that generates extensive star battles against spaceships. This game is a good match for those who like to play the role of an aircraft’s captain. It’s possible to play alone or in a team. The game has many ready-made missions to undertake. You can also team up with friends and create your alliance to battle with evil aliens, pirates, or other online players.

4 Trackmania

In a nutshell, TrackMania is reckless racing unhampered by the laws of physics. This simulator attracts real daredevils addicted to speed and getting an adrenaline rush. The player gets a great number of challenges while dealing with speed and sharp bends. There is an available in-game built movie maker, track editor, and paint shop for tailoring a vehicle’s external appearance. Action in solo mode takes place in a VR Stadium with 65 diverse tracks. Team mode has thousands of tracks where millions of VR racers compete online.

GoPro (formerly Capture)
Developer: Mindlight

Price: free

VR apps

For Entertainment

VR apps

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    5 ZVR Apocalypse

    ZVR Apocalypse is a decent run-and-shoot game. As you can see from its name, the game is a zombie apocalypse game where players need to survive while fighting off hungry dead men. It is rather spectacular. Zombies are also armed with guns and other killing paraphernalia. A player must be quick and nimble. ZVR allows you to play in both first and third person. A player uses his hands for shooting and his head for moving in VR. Extended play demands robust physical stamina.

    6 Mekorama

    Mekorama is a mobile 3D puzzle beloved by many VR gamers. When starting, a player controls a robot and makes him go from location A to location B. It is not an easy task because developers invented various obstacles on the way. There are two versions of Mekorama: VR and easy. With the VR version, a player views the detailed picture from every possible angle. The graphic looks good and is accurate.

    GoPro (formerly Capture)
    Developer: Martin Magni

    Price: free

    7 Budget Cuts

    Budget Cuts is a VR adventure that makes players feel like a corporate employee whom the HR department decided to fire. The whole action is set in an office space staffed with aggressive robots. The goal is to conquer them, not to let them catch you and get you to HR. This game was released in 2018, and initially had annoying bugs. But now it is substantially upgraded, and the errors are fixed. Plus, developers added a few additional levels and an Arcade Mode for playing in a team.

    8 Racket Fury

    Racket Fury is a sports game that lets people play virtual table tennis. It doesn’t require too much real space because all motions are done just with hands. It’s possible to set up a room-scale in VR: if want to make yourself run around, you can. The game is provided with an Arcade component. So, you can vary between simulation (playing alone) and Arcade (playing with a friend). As for equipment, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Valve Index is needed.

    9 Google Earth VR

    Google Earth VR lets users go almost instantly anywhere on Earth they choose and see our world from many perspectives. The app provides cinematic tours to remarkable locations, street spots, and samples of architecture, such as Manhattan skyline, Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, Hollywood Boulevard, and so on. Fly over cities, wild nature reserves, forests, and countrysides; stand on mountain peaks and see the world at a great height, just like an eagle. The app allows immediately changing night into day and vice versa, watch sunrises and sunsets, explore our planet in many ways.

    10 Kingspray Graffiti VR

    The authors of Kingspray created an immersive creative scope for those who want to feel like street artists. The app gives you all the stuff you need for creating graffiti—spray paint and digital walls in different locations (streets, laboratories, rooftops). Let your imagination run wild! Make colorful masterpieces and stay spotlessly clean. Enjoy your friends: just put it in team mode. For even more fun, you can pick up virtual objects (e.g., bricks) and throw them at each other.

    How to Estimate Costs to Make a VR Entertainment App

    When discussing virtual reality entertainment applications, we cannot omit the crucial question of costs required to create a decent gaming product.

    As you know, “the devil is in the details”. The more complex the future app is and the more features it has, the more time it requires to develop, test, and launch. Timeline and costs can vary from one month up to several years. So, if you plan an amazing VR app, consider the features and complexity of your app idea and make a comprehensive list. It will help to properly assess the time and resources required for implementation. If you struggle to assess the time and resources on your own, let a team of professionals help you make a realistic estimate.

    For instance, a simple Crossy Chicken-like VR game where users need to avoid certain objects or obstacles, overcome barriers, etc., can be built within a month by one developer plus QA and project management (check out what VR/AR apps we can do for you within one month).

    At the same time, complex VR applications, e.g., multiplayer RPGs, can take several months or even years involving a large team of designers, developers, QA, etc., for the project: separate teams focus on specific parts of a project.

    And, a cautionary note: when determining app costs, do NOT opt for cheap. Professional expertise costs money. If you want to
    hire a reliable AR development team, avoid choosing the cheapest offer in the market. True professionals might say ‘no’ to some of your ideas based on sound reasons (or your budget restrictions), and they can clearly explain to you. When a dev team says ‘yes’ to everything, they are likely to keep few, if any, of their promises and leave you half-way down the development road with half-baked software: ‘yes’ often just means “sign on the dotted line and send me the money.”

    Virtual Reality applications in entertainment have already won millions of hearts and minds all over the globe. If you have a great idea and believe in its success, contact us. Let’s bring it to life together. Invisible.Toys has everything you require for reliable provider: skills, experience, trustiness, and resources. Plus, we save you money with our lower rates. You get the same high-quality product for a lot less.

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