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Virtual reality (VR) games, a trend in video games using virtual reality technologies to create a special, real-world-like environment and simulate gamers’ presence in this environment.

Virtual reality games appeal to both kids and adults: it’s fun knowing you can escape with just a push of a button.

Below we discuss virtual reality games for kids.

Virtual reality equipment for children: serious area of concerns

VR technology provides fun for a wide-range of players. However, our main concern centers on children: some of the gear brings more pain than pleasure for children. VR helmets and VR shooters top the list. Most of them (HTC Vive, Sony VR, Samsung VR Gear) are not designed for kids under 13 (check the list of the Best VR apps for kids). The others require adult supervision: kids quickly get overexcited ignoring uncomfortable gear until it hurts.

VR helmets might confuse children’s senses making them feel dizzy. Or they might experience headaches due to eye strain. We also advise avoiding VR shooters with pulsating lights and bright colors. And, although this should be a “no brainer”, add extreme games to the list. Players can by physically hurt by crashing against a wall or falling down. Children do not understand the implications of playing such games: adults should protect them from harm.


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Suitable virtual reality content for good not harm

Focusing on gaming content for kids, publishers have adapted virtual reality gaming content geared to younger enthusiasts. This content helps children creatively explore and learn new things while receiving positive emotions.

Children are more tech-savvy than adults and quickly adapt to new experiences when what they discover piques their ever-inquisitive minds. Kid-friendly VR games are one of the best tools to expand their imagination. But please ensure your child takes a break for at least ten minutes after every hour of use.

VR opens creative world for kids

When creating their virtual worlds, kids learn new skills like spatial thinking, changing perspective or thinking big. VR worlds have very adjustable settings: there can be no physical limitations in a game. For example, children can build a house on a cloud. Or there can pretty strict limitations enabling building “virtually” realistic cities with parks, skyscrapers and transportation systems.

Virtual reality can be an enjoyable activity helping kids master new skills when building their own worlds or reflecting their favorite books and films.

What is VR’s biggest benefit for the family? Kids can save changes or start anew anytime. And, no one must clean the room—or make a trip to the ER.

Augmented Reality BlogVR for kids
Augmented Reality Blogvirtual reality glasses for kids
Augmented Reality Blogvirtual reality for kids
Augmented Reality Blogvirtual reality games for kids

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