AR and VR Game Development Services

Do you want to keep users happy spending hours playing your game apps?
Try AR/VR game development services today. Make it happen!
Create a completely new world for your tribe.

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  • vr game development services
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  • ar game development services

AR/VR game development services

How can Invisible Toys help you with AR/VR game development services?
Games can be simple. Or complex.
Invisible Toys can develop any game you want. We provide both AR game development services and VR game development services, whatever your needs.

  • AR
  • Fun AR games

    Provide a simple AR app for those who are new to AR and look for a life of quick virtual fun. Make a complex app for tech-savvy users who prefer starting a battleground right in their living room.

  • Educational AR games

    Help students conduct safe experiments, discover objects, and memorize facts. AR helps visualize various complex topics, from chemical processes in cell structures to planets in our solar system.

  • Geolocation AR games

    Provide an active alternative to traditional mobile games. Take the best from both physical and digital gaming: active pastime and adventures in an imaginary world.

  • FPS AR games

    Let users breach obstacles and fight monsters right in their own environment with an AR shooter. Multiplayer mode adds even more fun to AR games.

  • Marketing AR games

    Join those many brands that have already created a strong message with an AR app. Give users a virtual first impression before they even try out a physical product.

ar game development services
  • VR
  • VR esports games

    Provide opportunities for cyber athletes competing on different levels. Cover various sports and activities with VR leagues. Grow a community of VR enthusiasts in both number and quality.

  • VR simulator games

    Recreate real-life conditions. Make it possible for users to try activities they could not try in real life such as racing in a vintage car on an icy mountain road or operating a steam train heading toward the West Coast.

  • Educational VR games

    Design VR educational games for personnel training or for university students. The range of possibilities is vast, from emergency training to virtual medical operations and physical experiments.

  • VR entertainment games

    Let players drop out of the real world into an imaginary world for a couple of hours on the weekend. Gamers’ tastes vary wildly and wanting a variety of VR entertainment games could be wide too.

Are you looking for the best iMPLEMENTATION FOR YOUR AR/VR GAME IDEA?
Not sure where to start?

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Our portfolio

Invisible Toys has launched AR/VR games to let users have fun and to demonstrate what is possible. Your mind is the only limitation to greatness.

Fensterbau Frontale

This app was launched for the Fensterbau Frontale trade show to demonstrate how VR apps work. It helps anyone interested to try out and experience VR apps.
This VR demo app contains a series of mini games including VR Fruit Ninja, Save the Kitten, and a Window Quiz. The Window Quiz is organized as a series of escape rooms. Users get to a futuristic room when they win the quiz or are kicked into outer space if they lose.
With a large variety of activities, the app covers different types of possible VR content to help users evaluate VR.

ar game development services


Check out our portfolio!


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What is your situation? Just starting? Expanding? Reworking?
Whatever your requirements, Invisible Toys can deliver an app to meet your business goals.
One platform, multiple platforms, working with already produced source code—anything and everything is possible.

  • 1 AR/VR game prototype

    Design, develop, and launch a minimalistic AR/VR app to illustrate your idea and help you progress to investors or specialists’ reviews.

  • 2 AR/VR MVP development

    Prepare, finish, and release the basic app with core features to market test your idea and get feedback from enthusiastic end users.

  • 3 Fully custom AR and VR games

    Make a complex, feature-rich solution with custom logic and branded design. Optimize source code to work best on desired platforms.

  • 4 AR/VR game rescue

    We can help you deliver your app if your current team has lost momentum and your app deadline looms ever closer.

  • 5 AR/VR game updates and maintenance

    Ensure your app continues working flawlessly after new platform updates or the number of users keeps growing.

vr game development services
ar game development services

Are you an AR/VR startup?
Consider this offer.

You can start market testing within one month of AR/VR app development.
160 working hours.
What can you get in 160 hours?
You can get a demo app. Based on your requirements, it could be one of these:

  • Marker-based app (up to 5 objects)
  • Markerless app (up to 3 models or videos)
  • 360° video app (up to 3 videos)

All apps have a menu but no administration panel.

What do you get?

You benefit from Invisible Toys’ experience in AR and VR game development. The Invisible Toys team helps you go from concept to app launch fast—faster than most teams. Do you also want support and app maintenance? Yes, this is possible. You get:

  • vr game development services
    Flexible full-cycle development

    Invisible Toys works with your AR VR game at every stage of the development: analysis of requirements, design, coding, testing, and launch.
    Project management, too.

  • ar game development services
    High quality-for-the-price ratio

    With headquarters in Berlin, Germany and its R&D center in Ukraine, Invisible Toys is able to provide strong engineering expertise, high project management skills, and affordable hourly rates.

  • vr game development services
    Technical consultation and support

    Invisible Toys supports you throughout the entire journey from your idea to launching your finished app in an app store. Whatever is the best implementation plan for your idea, you get it.

  • ar/vr after-launch guarantee period
    After-launch guarantee period

    The team continues working with you for a 1 – 3 month guarantee period to ensure the app works and end users are happy with the technical side.

How we work

In order to deliver the best quality apps for the client’s idea, Invisible Toys team ensures the following step on each and every AR/VR game development project:

1 Project discovery and discussion
ar game development services
2 Project
Sprint 1 – Sprint X
(2 weeks)
vr game development services
3 Post-guarantee support

Our guarantee period lasts 1 – 3 months. The larger the scope, the longer the guarantee period. Bugs and flaws are fixed for free. The project developers remain in touch with the client; they know the code and can quickly do the fixes.

4 Project expansion and maintenance

The same team can continue working on your project:

  • adding features
    requested by end users
  • expanding to different
    AR/VR platforms
  • introducing updates
  • optimizing app work
    on user devices

Why choose Invisible Toys?

Invisible Toys developers focus on your business requirements and provide you with the best possible solution.
On time. On budget.

  • ar game development services
    Project head start

    The team can start working on your project immediately after we clarify scope of work, exact requirements, and confirm cooperation in a signed agreement.

  • vr game development services
    Narrow focus

    Invisible Toys focuses solely on AR/VR/visualizations that helps accumulate specific experience and provide high-quality development services.

  • ar game development services
    Instant communication

    The project manager stays in constant touch during business hours. You choose the best means of communication for you.

  • ar/vr development expertise
    Adding missing expertise

    People with different specializations work in our company. This ensures we can add expertise, as needed, to the project or receive a timely expert consultation with no project time lost.

  • vr game development services

    Invisible Toys invests in constant training of its developers. This ensures they can always offer you the best tech stack or pivot when a better technology is offered.

  • ar  game development
    Proactive position

    The team adheres to the industry’s best practices and advises you on the best implementation path throughout the entire development cycle.

About Invisible Toys

As part of the big IT Craft family, Invisible Toys team focuses on delivering deeply engaging AR/VR games and other types of visualization software to end users.
Invisible Toys became a separate department in 2015. It combines a mixture of a dynamic environment only a small team of tech enthusiasts can provide with a solid workflow and 20 years’ experience of a well-established software development company. Both are needed to fulfill clients’ requirements while creating engaging user experiences.
Invisible Toys provides its services across many industries, including games, esports, publishing, learning, and education—where interactivity makes the difference.


  • What is needed for AR?

    Usually, AR software consists of:

    AR mobile apps – Users install an app on their smartphone to start using AR.

    Server side – An AR solution needs the server side for data processing and storage.

    Admin panel – App administrators manage users, content, and the app itself.

    API – API ensures data transfer between all parts of an AR solution.

  • How does AR work on smartphones?

    Augmented Reality uses the smartphone screen to display a 3D model in a live environment. It requires access to the smartphone camera to display a user’s surroundings and sensors for realistic overlay. Special mobile frameworks, ARKit and ARCore help make the most use of smartphone hardware.

    Please note: some advanced apps might not be compatible with cheap smartphone models that lack required sensors for correct app functioning.

  • What businesses use VR?

    Every business that relies on visualization should consider VR app development. The hottest industries include:

    • retail
    • fashion
    • EdTech
    • esports and gaming
    • automotive
    • real estate
    • tourism
    • ads and promotion
  • Which is better—AR or VR?

    Neither is better. They are used for different purposes.

    AR helps “add” objects to reality. They do not exist but are overlayed on reality. VR generates a new reality where a user becomes part of that reality.

    AR is portable. It requires less investment from users but is less immersive.

    With VR, users wear certain gear so it is more immersive—and more expensive.

  • I have some source code. Can you build a VR app out of it?

    The answer is usually yes. The Invisible Toys team has worked on many projects in which part of the source code had already been developed by another team.

    However, Invisible Toys does a code inspection prior to project start. We need to ensure we can keep our promises of high quality and project timeline. If the code doesn’t meet our high standard, we must start from scratch—for your sake.

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