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AR Development Services at Invisible Toys

Invisible Toys provides full-cycle AR development services. We do all the “heavy lifting”. You monitor our progress. On time. On budget. Post-release guarantee period included.

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    Rapid AR prototype development

    Prototypes are a cost-effective way to present your idea before you start investing heavily in AR development.

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    Custom AR games for iOS and Android

    Everyone loves fun. AR games, already an established sensation, thrills fans. Now it’s your turn to present the next big AR thing.

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    AR integration to ecommerce apps

    Let your users see your products in a catalog and try them out—virtually—from dressing rooms, make-up configurators to furniture showrooms.

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    AR app updates and maintenance

    The AR industry moves fast. AR technologies improve rapidly. Without proper maintenance, any app soon becomes obsolete. Make sure your app remains up-to-date and working well on user devices.

Do you want to ascend your business on a new level with an AR app?

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AR Building Blocks

  • Vuforia
  • iOS
  • Android

AR Building Blocks, created by our AR experiences development company, demonstrates a set of interactive assembly instructions. Step-by-step, this AR app shows how to assemble a structure. Users can see how the structure should look from every angle and compare it with what they have built.

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    Top Web Development Team
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    Silver Microsoft partner
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What types of AR apps are possible?

Below are four types of AR apps. Make sure you choose the right the right type before starting AR app development.

  • 1 Marker-based AR

    3D models appear when pointing camera phone at a picture. Marker-based AR application development best suits interactive book illustrations, board games, and card games.

  • 2 Markerless AR

    Markerless apps are flexible. Markerless AR technology fits well with AR game development, e-learning solutions, and any dynamic content which users can activate instantly.

  • 3 Real-time tracking

    Object tracking is a separate type of marker-based AR. Instead of printed images, it recognizes complex physical objects or scenes such as landscapes, buildings, machinery etc. Real-time tracking technology works for industries, gaming, museums, and more.

  • 4 Location-based AR

    Users activate AR content based on their geolocation. They can use the app only in a geographically correct place. Location-based AR technology suits geolocation-based services, apps for tourists or site-specific promotional activities.

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For your consideration

Do you want to start small and test your audience's interest in an AR app? You can have an AR demo app done in 160 working hours! Perhaps not even that long. This equals 20 business days—the time needed to proceed from requirements to publishing on the store.
For one month of AR development services, you will have one of the following:

  • Marker-based AR app with up to five markers
  • A markerless app with up to three 3D models or videos
  • 360-degree video app with up to three videos

Apps could contain menus and a splash screen. No admin panel is available.

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How do we work?

Together with our client, the Invisible Toys team goes through four crucial AR app development steps:

1 Project discovery and discussion
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2 Project
Sprint 1 – Sprint X
(2 weeks)

This step includes the development team’s work on:

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3 Post-guarantee support

Our post-launch guarantee support lasts 1 – 3 months. Duration depends on project size. Developers eliminate discovered/reported bugs and flaws in the produced source code. Users are an amazing source for testing a newly launched app.

4 Project expansion and maintenance

Upon client’s request, the same team takes care of the app. This step includes:

  • Expansion

    Add new features to the existing app, if requested

  • Updates

    Make changes to app source code as soon as AR platforms get updates

  • Maintenance

    Ensure app availability for the end user

What you get you if work with Invisible Toys?

Read how you benefit when you choose AR app development with Invisible Toys:

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    Fast start

    The team starts immediately after the parties agree on cooperation terms and sign a contract. This helps you reach your deadline—on time.

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    Invisible Toys is always happy to sign an NDA ensuring all your commercial secrets remain safe.

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    Turnkey solution

    The development team is responsible for all software development steps. The clients get both source code and project documentation.

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    Technical guidance

    We help you choose the best tech stack for your idea. This ensures the best balance between development budget and app maintainability.

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    Instant communication

    Our team remains in constant touch with you and responds instantly during our working hours to your request.

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    After-launch guarantee period

    Our same team looks after your app during the guarantee period fixing flaws, if any, in the source code at no costs for the client.

Why choose Invisible Toys?

  • Expert-level niche skills

    Our developers focus exclusively on delivering the best visual experiences to end users.

  • Flexibility

    Different technologies are available; we ensure your app is based on the most-relevant stack for your app.

  • Proactive position

    The team builds your app keeping what? and why? in mind.

  • Transparent communication

    You get a timely response from the team on any working question. You always know what your team is doing on your project.

  • Pleasant quality-for-the-price ratio

    We offer you an estimate that makes it possible to release a quality app based on your money.

  • Longer app life-cycle

    We build an app for the future—always keeping updating and maintenance in mind.

About Invisible Toys

Being a part of the outsourcing software development company IT Craft, Invisible Toys was founded in 2016 as a special department comprised of tech enthusiasts passionate about Augmented and Virtual Reality.
When your work with Invisible Toys, you enjoy all perks and benefits of an established company such as stable team squads, predictable quality, variety of tech expertise, and more.
At the same time, Invisible Toys remains a separate department of enthusiasts who enjoy rapid workflow with minimum bureaucracy and narrow focus on their favorite development direction.


  • What does AR in business mean?

    Compared to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not require special equipment. Hence, it is used in completely different scenarios.
    These include:

    • Retail
    • Interior design
    • Training and education
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing and promotion
  • How does AR work on phones?

    Users download and launch an app.
    Through the app menu, they choose a 3D model and tap on it to activate.
    The model appears on the app screen “mounted” into a real-life environment.
    Users can manage and maneuver the model, depending on what features you have envisaged in your app. They can zoom, rotate, scale, change colors, etc.

  • Is AR possible on desktop?

    Yes, AR is possible to some extent. Attempts to create a framework for display AR on desktops continues.
    However, AR has quite limited capabilities on desktops as long as this platform is not best-suited for AR experiences.

  • How long does it take to develop AR apps?

    This depends on app complexity. Their range and complexity, as follows:
    1 – 2 months – simple demo app (limited number of models, limited feature list, basic design)
    3 – 6 months – medium-complexity app (bigger number of models, large feature list, custom design)
    7+ months – advanced app (large number of models, custom logic, branded design)

  • How much does an AR app cost?

    This all depends on your requirements. The more complex the requirements, the more time it takes to develop and launch AR app:
    Simple demo app starts at $6,000.
    Medium-complexity app ranges from $35,000 – $60,000.
    Advanced app starts at $80,000.

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