VR App for Fensterbau Frontale
Unity 3d C# HTC Vive

Enjoy the coolest doors, windows, and façades in a Virtual Reality app that Invisible Toys team helped design and develop for biennial trade show Fensterbau Frontale. Apart from playing escape rooms, you can improve your skills in virtual Fruit Ninja and rescue a kitten in a high construction building.

Case study
AR building blocks
Vuforia IOS Android

This is how a mobile AR app helps demonstrate a set of interactive assembly instructions. An AR app shows, step-by-step, how to assemble a structure. Users can see how the structure should look from every angle and compare it with what they have built.

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AR Catalog
Vuforia IOS Android

An example of an AR catalog demonstrating to users how items would look in real life. The app makes it possible to show the real size of an item, rotate and zoom it, change colors or shape to help users decide upon a purchase.

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AR balls rolling
Vuforia IOS Android

A demo video of an AR game where users can construct a model and play with it. Users can change the sequence of elements, build new structures, play with different elements, and start anew any time they want to try a different construction.

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