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AR and VR development services at Invisible Toys

Invisible Toys offers full-cycle AR/VR development services across many industries. You get an implementation path attuned to your requirements and to those of your audience.

Invisible Toys’ AR app development provides:

  • Custom AR/VR app

    Experiences tailored to meet your audience’s expectations.

  • AR/VR for kids

    Active smartphone games for kids help them discover new-to-them-phenomena and create a desire to explore.

  • AR/VR for education

    3D models replace turgid descriptions and bring facts to life.

  • AR/VR for publishers

    Interactive apps bring book illustrations to life.

  • AR/VR for digital agencies

    Give customers an almost tangible feeling they are really holding your products.

  • AR/VR for fun

    Gamify any of human activities from jogging to tattooing.


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Check out some of Invisible Toy’s featured projects:

AR Christmas Card

Feel Christmas magic with a simple Augmented Reality app. The card is designed to share Christmas joy with all IT Craft’s clients and friends. The card contains a QR code with a link to a special Christmas app and a picture that activates it. When you scan the picture, a 3D snow globe appears on your smartphone screen and music starts to play.


AR for Publishers

A demo app designed to show how Augmented Reality technology works with book illustrations. Any illustration can become an AR marker. Just point your phone at an illustration and it activates a 3D model. Interact with it—zoom, rotate, or view from different angles. Share different sounds and snapshots with friends or post on social networks.


AR Toy models

This demo app, presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, shows the myriad opportunities Augmented Reality apps offer toy manufacturers. The demo app lets visitors play with a starship 3D model when pointing a camera at its image. The app illustrates basic Augmented Reality mechanics and demonstrates how users play with an AR toy.


VR Fensterbau Frontale

This VR demo app was presented at the Fensterbau Frontale trade show. It gave visitors a chance to see how VR technology can work.
The app provides different types of VR content:

  • VR quiz about history of windows
  • VR Fruit Ninja game
  • Rescue Kitten game

Users learn how to use VR controllers. They text VR opportunities for visualization and create immersive experiences. Some became so engaged with the VR app, they became stressed when rescuing a virtual kitten from a great height.


Do you want to deliver the best AR or VR experiences to your audience?

Let’s start today!

AR/VR development services

Invisible Toys provides all-encompassing AR/VR development services needed to launch your app.

  • 1 Custom AR/VR development

    Invisible Toys’ full-cycle development services help your business launch a robust AR or VR app with multiple features.

  • 2 AR/VR prototype

    Get a prototype to sketch your idea and witness the magic happen! Minimum investment and done quickly.

  • 3 AR/VR MVP app

    Choose this option when you want to reach the market with ready-to-use software and get feedback from early adopters.

  • 4 AR/VR project rescue

    An Invisible Toys’ team can step in to help you keep pace with your planned timeline and take your project to a new level. Just tell us what you need.

  • 5 AR/VR app support and maintenance

    Maintenance and updates are crucial to ensure your app continues working flawlessly for your users.

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AR whitepaper for Invisible Toys

To get more insight on Augmented Reality development, download the white paper,
“Smart Guide for AR Toys and Games”. We discuss what users love about Augmented Reality, how it works, and all the possibilities Augmented Reality provides with mobile apps.

book and offer

Benefit from AR/VR development done by Invisible Toys

Clients choose Invisible Toys as a long-term, reliable tech partner because they are assured of:

  • Expertise

    Invisible Toys has delivered AR and VR apps to clients since 2015, from newly established startups to solid, sustainable businesses.

  • Project head start

    The team can start right after reaching an agreement on scope, timeline, and deliverables then confirming with a signed contract.

  • Flexibility

    Our development team is flexible. If your business suddenly needs to pivot—no problem! We quickly introduce changes with minimum hassles.

  • Transparency

    As a client, you participate in planning sessions. You receive regular, detailed reports on work and access to completed functionality.

  • Instant communication

    Every client receives a timely response from the dedicated project manager and team via preferred means of communication.

  • Equal treatment

    Developers handle projects of any size and complexity with the same professional attitude and continually attain high standards with our app source code.

AR and VR development workflow

High-quality AR and VR apps become possible through a four-step development path:

1 Project discovery and discussion
Project discovery
2 Project

The team works on different parts of your software simultaneously ensuring a timely delivery.
We use an Agile approach:

Sprint 1 – Sprint X
(2 weeks)
Spring graph
3 Post-launch guarantee

Post-launch guarantee lasts 1 – 3 months, depending on project size. The same development team fixes bugs and flaws discovered in the source code at no additional cost to the client.

4 Maintenance and expansion

The team helps the client improve his or her AR/VR solution by:

  • introducing new, sizzling features
  • providing updates
  • optimizing source code
  • ensuring app uptime

Upon project completion, you get:

  • high-quality, well-commented app source code
  • comprehensive project documentation
  • app launch on target platforms
  • post-launch guarantee

Could you imagine a world devoid of Augmented or Virtual Reality?

Maybe, but your kids couldn’t. And they definitely wouldn’t want to! For children today, their AR world is a great place for discovery and exploration. Augmented Reality is fun—and causes no harm. Kids love their smartphones and tablets—but they also love playing with toys.
Our AR VR Development Company gives them the best of both worlds.


What inspires you inspires us: Augmented Reality toys!

Augmented Reality toys combine the best of both worlds—the digital world and the world of real toys—boosting kids’ creativity and encouraging them to learn more. They can open the doors to their inner creativity, make something, and literally hold it in their hands. They can quickly make changes to what they’ve already done and thrill to see a result without fearing they might ruin something. They learn how things work. This all makes Augmented Reality the best tool to introduce new discoveries that open doors to their imagination. Plus, toys and games open these doors even wider!

About Invisible Toys

Headquartered in Berlin, German, Invisible Toys is a part of IT Craft, a custom software development company. Invisible Toys started in 2015 as a department dedicated solely to Virtual and Augmented Reality app development. As a custom software development company, IT Craft has been offering its clients a mixture of technological flexibility and experience for almost 20 years. With an expansion to a VR and AR development company, IT Craft’s special department, Invisible Toys strives to deliver an exceptional technological basis for immersive visual experiences. Invisible Toys—a VR/AR/AI development company—offers opportunities for startups, established businesses, and agencies. Everyone who wants to adopt AR, VR, and AI for mass-market solutions can find their solution here.

Headquartered in Berlin, German, Invisible Toys is a part of custom software development company IT Craft. It started in 2015 as a department dedicated solely to Virtual and Augmented Reality app development. As a custom software development company, IT Craft has been offering its clients a mixture of technological flexibility and experience for almost 20 years.Invisible Toys—a VR AR AI development company—offersopportunities for startups, established businesses, and agencies — everyone who wants to adopt AR, VR and AI for mass-market solutions.

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Why choose Invisible Toys?

As a client of Invisible Toys team, you can always count on:

  • High quality-for-the-price ratio

    Invisible Toys main team resides in Eastern Europe. This means lower hourly rates for highly professional, highly skilled software development engineers.

  • Technical consultation and support

    You get all necessary consultation from the team. Your project is based on relevant technologies and app architecture corresponding to your requirements.

  • Adding expertise quickly

    Another benefit of working with a large, established, professional company with several departments: we can add needed engineers to your project with the necessary specific expertise.

  • After-launch guarantee period

    The team stays with you for a 1- to 3-month period after app launch. The team ensures everything works well and fixes any bugs and flaws discovered in the app source code.

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