Augmented Reality for Business

How many successful Augmented Reality apps for business do you know about? Surprisingly, there are many apps, from IKEA to Pokémon Go, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola. Plus, there are hundreds of startups and small businesses alike that have only recently been recognized outside of their communities—demonstrating how Augmented Reality provides tremendous business opportunities when it comes to user engagement, brand visibility, and more.

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augmented reality apps for business

Success factors for Augmented
Reality business models

Any kind of business can turn Augmented Reality into a secret weapon to spark customer interest. Here’s how: businesses can establish a completely new communication channel and improve an existing ecommerce solution using an Augmented Reality experience.

We have summed up the vision in a story about Jennifer.
Let’s imagine Jennifer at the very beginning of her challenge and her AR decision.

augmented reality business model


augmented Reality experience
Email and SMS for AR business

Here is Jennifer.
She is a chief business
development manager at a chain
consisting of four coffeehouses.


Here is Jennifer.
She is a chief business
development manager at a chain
consisting of four coffeehouses.


Email and SMS for AR business

AR advertising

Email and SMS for AR business

4Email and SMS notification marketing
is much labor-intensive. People are
not happy getting too many

AR advertising

3Traditional promotional items are expensive. An average conversion rate is 2%.
This means 35,000 flyers to design, print, and

Augmented Reality ecommerce app

software development company

Augmented Reality ecommerce app

5Jennifer has a better plan: an Augmented Reality-based ecommerce app to tell about products and to shorten purchase and delivery time.

software development company

6She calls a software development
and describes her idea.

Who works on Jennifer’s team?

  • UX/UI designer

    UX/UI designer determines how users interact with the app then organizes the app elements into an optimal flow.

  • AR app developer

    A mobile app developer turns app requirements and mock-ups into flawless code.

  • QA engineer

    A QA engineer examines the app ensuring every feature runs smoothly and user experience corresponds with initial plan.

  • AR development team

    After the main work is over, the development team helps Jennifer maintain and update the app.

AR for retail business

The best thing about Jennifer’s story is that Augmented Reality works for any retail business where visualization matters and makes a difference: furniture, clothing, wallpapers, toys and games, cars, and much, much more.

Customers can try any item without visiting the shop. They just download the app, activate the 3D model, enjoy the magic, and determine how well the product fits in with their lifestyle.

retail AR app

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An AR app for business needs 20 days to develop, test and launch. Is this really possible? Yes, it is.

As with any new endeavor, success factors depend on their value for users undecided by development and maintenance costs. Hesitation too often prevents businesses from leveraging the benefits of AR apps.

To overcome challenges, Invisible Toys offers you a safe plan: you can have a demo Augmented Reality app developed within just 20 days to test whether this is what your customers really want, would use, become engaged in, and would increase your business.

Here is what you can get

  • AR marker-based app
    A marker-based app with up to five markers onboard
  • Markerless app
    Markerless app with up to three models or videos inside
  • 360-degree video
    360-degree video with 2-3 videos onboard, a menu and a splash screen

What is Invisible Toys?

Invisible Toys is a team with experience in custom outsourcing web and mobile development with focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. We provide top-notch solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our help, businesses focus on their core activities while delivering the best possible digital experience to their customers.

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