Custom AR, VR, and AI App Mobile App Development Services

Do you have a mind-expanding concept?
Do you want to reach tens of thousands users?
Turn your idea into an AR or a VR mobile app. Present your users with breath-taking experiences right on their smartphones—the world’s most-popular digital devices.
Our AR, VR, AI mobile app development company can help you with that.

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AR, VR development services for apps of every complexity

With professional custom AR app development services by Invisible Toys, you can focus on an app suited to the needs of your audience. Yes, VR apps are possible too.

  • AR
  • eCommerce AR apps

    Increase customer awareness by letting them configure dimensions, colors, and shapes. Immediately visualize results via engaging, life-like AR experiences.

  • Location-based AR

    Provide users with secret locations, clues, or descriptions only they can see. Activate captivating AR content when users approach certain objects.

  • AR games

    Create an extra dimension in the real world, invisible to ordinary people. Provide a multiplayer mode, so users spend hours of fun with their friends.

  • AR for education

    Increase student attention span in the classroom. Help students improve their test results by transforming learning and memorizing materials into an AR-awesome game.

  • AR assembly instructions

    Simplify confusing paper instructions by showing the exact order of assembly operations on a smartphone screen. Provide clues and descriptions.

android vr development services
  • VR
  • VR training and simulations

    Provide employees with a safe sandbox for training new skills when handling new, expensive, or dangerous equipment. No damage to person or property. No idle time.

  • VR rooms

    Deliver an unprecedented degree of immersion to your customers. Facilitate their experience by stimulating different senses such as sounds, smells, touch, and space orientation.

  • VR eSports

    Make your unique VR solution where VR athletes form their teams and compete against each other. Engage, build, and grow your VR community.

  • VR guided tours

    Visualize your offer. Present future visitors with options they can get. Highlight benefits and services. Ensure users look forward to seeing you.

  • 360° videos

    Take your videos to a new immersion level. Let viewers gain a sense of being present by viewing every angle of an object. Surprise. Impress. Inspire.

What is the best implementation path FOR YOUR AR/VR MOBILE PROJECT?

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Check out these projects that illustrate AR/VR app features.

Fensterbau Frontale

The Fensterbau Frontale VR app shows users who have never tried VR technology exactly how it works and why tech enthusiasts are enraptured with it.
This VR demo app contains several types of possible VR content. Users can choose one of three mini-games: VR Fruit Ninja, Rescue Kitten, or VR quiz about windows. Players advance to a spacious futuristic room where they win or go to a jail in outer space if they lose.
With three different games and a variety of VR scenes, users can see the value—or not—of VR.

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AR Building Blocks

AR Building Blocks is a simple markerless AR app that shows users how to make assembly instructions. Users can activate the app by pointing on any flat horizontal surface. They choose different items and build a construction out of them. Using a similar app, manufacturers can show users how to assemble their toy from beginning to end. Also, they offer an AR game in addition to the physical toy.

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Whether you are looking for an AR app development company for Android or a team capable of launching a VR app, you’ve arrived at the right place. As our client, you can get any of VR development or AR mobile app development services:

  • 1 AR/VR prototyping

    This option fits in best for those startups and businesses that want a head start on their idea. Invisible Toys helps sketch a simple prototype fast. Android VR development services help reach users of Google cardboard.

  • 2 AR/VR MVP development

    This works for startups who plan to bring a ready-for-use piece of software into the market and get critical feedback from early users.

  • 3 Custom full-cycle AR/VR app development

    This option suits businesses that want to build a complex, robust app with several features and a branded design.

  • 4 AR/VR project rescue

    Perhaps your current development team lacks much-needed expertise or is underperforming. The Invisible Toys team can help you complete your project and finish on time.

  • 5 AR/VR app maintenance and expansion

    Regular post-launch maintenance is essential to ensure the app continues to work at its best on user devices. Project expansion is the next step after the AR/VR is successful. We can help with both.

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ar mobile app development company

Are you an AR/VR startup?
Consider this offer.

You can start market testing within one month of AR/VR app development.
160 working hours.
What can you get in 160 hours?
You can get a demo app. Based on your requirements, it could be one of these:

  • Marker-based app (up to 5 objects)
  • Markerless app (up to 3 models or videos)
  • 360° video app (up to 3 videos)

All apps have a menu but no administration panel.


When working with Invisible Toys, you get:

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    Technical expertise

    Invisible Toys developers work solely on VR/AR development. Their narrow focus ensures your app gets to your audience on time, on budget, with high-quality source code.

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    We do not stick to a particular tech stack but continue to experiment with new and emerging technologies, ensuring your project rests on today’s most relevant stack.

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    Invisible Toys builds software always keeping time, quality, and end users in mind. You get all needed technical assistance and advice on the best implementation.

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    Transparent development

    Your Invisible Toys team stays in constant touch with you. You get estimates at the beginning of each Sprint. At the end of each Sprint, you get a detailed report and new functionality that you can test in a sandbox server. You always know exactly what the team is doing on your project.

  • ar mobile app development services
    Realistic approach

    Businesses need to stick to their budgets. At Invisible Toys, you get a realistic estimate based on your aims, requirements, budget, and timeline.

  • android vr development services
    Longer app life cycle

    AR/VR technologies evolve rapidly. Still, we strive to provide the best app architecture and the most relevant technologies to ensure your app will serve your audience as long as possible.


To deliver the best-quality apps for a client’s idea, Invisible Toys works based on the following four-step path:

1 Project discovery and discussion
ar app development company android
2 Project
Sprint 1 – Sprint X
(2 weeks)
ar mobile app development company
3 Post-guarantee support

Our guarantee period lasts 1 – 3 months. The larger the scope, the longer the guarantee period. Bugs and flaws are fixed for free. The project developers remain in touch with the client; they know the code and can quickly do the fixes.

4 Project expansion and maintenance

The same team can work on project expansion adding new features, updating app content, improving UX, optimizing consumption of resources, and more.
24/7 server administration and monitoring are also possible.

Why choose Invisible Toys?

The Invisible Toys team was formed in 2015 as a special department in the software development company, IT Craft. The team specializes in AR mobile app and custom VR app development services. You get a team with very specialized technological expertise while still enjoying all the benefits and security of working with an established AR, VR, AI mobile app development company.
Clients choose our custom AR app development company for the following reasons:

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    Full-cycle app development

    Receive all required support throughout the entire software development cycle, from analysis of requirements through programming to launching in the store. Tell us your vision. We’ll make it a reality – AR/VR reality.

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    Lower development costs

    Our R&D center is located in Eastern Europe. You get engineers with strong technical expertise at affordable hourly rates. Living costs are lower in our region. Education is not.

  • ar app development company android
    Adding missing expertise

    Being part of a large AR mobile app development company means experts from other departments are quickly added to a project. App development never hits a road bump.

  • ar mobile app development company
    After-launch guarantee period

    You enjoy a one - three-month guarantee. During this time, when your users are putting your app through its paces, the development team stays in touch with you and fixes bugs, if any, in our source code at no cost to you.


  • Where can AR be used?

    Augmented Reality is used when visualization is the best way to explain a concept.

    The industries that benefit from AR apps include:

    • retail
    • ecommerce
    • classroom learning
    • medical training
    • field service
    • manufacturing
    • entertainment and gaming
  • How can I use VR for business?

    In many ways. Below just a few examples:

    • Start staff training.
    • Hold virtual meetings.
    • Prepare a virtual real estate tour.
    • Present geography of distant lands in a virtual class.
      (A virtual tour on Mars is also possible!)
    • Offer a virtual test drive.
    • Showcase products.
    • Organize a virtual dressing room.

    There is no limit.

  • How much does it cost to launch a VR app?

    Cost depends on the scope of work needed to finalize the app requirements. A VR app development company divides nominally all projects into three categories: simple, medium, and complex.

    Here is some quick math.

    Simple apps start at $6,000.

    Medium complexity apps start at $35,000 – $60,000.

    Complex apps start at $80,000.

  • What are three types of VR?

    Three main categories of VR include non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive experiences.

    It all depends on how deeply a user dives into a VR world.

    Non-immersive – Users understand they are in a non-real world and perceive limitations of VR gear.

    Semi-immersive – Users forget they are inside a virtual world. This is possible with modern VR solutions.

    Fully immersive – Users see no difference between reality and simulation.

    Although a fully immersive VR experience has not yet arrived and won’t any time soon, life-like experiences are possible with the right VR equipment.

  • Can you develop one VR app for several platforms?

    No. “One size fits all” does not work for VR development. Different platforms have different controllers and their specific peculiarities. Choose your preference.

    Fortunately, a development team can adjust existing source code to a specific VR platform.

  • Can VR app be multiplayer?

    Yes, multiplayer VR apps are possible. In fact, many VR games provide multiplayer mode. VR gear supports different multiplayer features. To receive a correct estimate, decide in advance about including a multiplayer mode.

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