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Content is king, but data decrees: are you in or are you out?

CMOs are on the line to prove decent ROI with their marketing dollars. They are sharing a place on that line with you: if you can’t prove your marketing works, if you don’t have the data to prove your marketing pays off and increases their bottom line, then you are replaced with someone who can.

Enter interactive print ads.

Interactive AR digital print advertising

We know AR is a digital layer over the tangible world and is visible by using a smartphone/mobile device. When this digital layer is over print advertising—and readers get to interact with AR—THAT is when the magic happens.

But true magic happens only when your content resonates with your readers: no fluff, but substance. Pure AR entertainment is passé—e.g., Esquire’s 2009 AR digital print ad. Readers will take a pass. They’ve been there, done that: your data ratings are doomed to take a nose dive.

Your readers have moved on: they want interactive print ads. Capture your readers’ imagination. Give them content that creates experiences, content that is a catalyst for curiosity propelling them forward.

To be clear: you need to transport your readers from 2D to 3D, to a world that delights, a world that creates new experiences of sight, mind and emotions. Successful AR digital ads demand customer-centric content: let the readers do a deep dive into the content.

Tracking ROI with AR interactive print ads

It’s not just about your readers. It’s also about your clients. You need to prove their marketing dollars are paying off. And, it’s also about you, your future. So, the question is: can AR interactive print ads track? Can these ads prove that engaged, entertained readers, fully aware of your clients’ brands, boost bottom lines? Yes. Yes, they can.

For example:

  • The Italian scooter company, Vespa, let users “build” their own customized scooter and used geo-tracking to give directions to the nearest Vespa dealer.
  • Volkswagen featured it’s new Passat. Users saw new features, chose their preferences—even went for a virtual test drive.
  • Ford Explorer used a QR code in their digital print ad. When users scanned the code, they took a “tour” of the SUV.
  • British food chain, Tesco, used digital interactive AR in its Real Food Magazine receiving a resounding 60% click-through rate. Recipes, videos, online shopping were all included through codes on its pages.

To go from 2D to 3D, you need technology. We all know AR interactive print ads always pique readers’ interest. Who can refuse the temptation to see what funky content an AR ad has for them. And, when the smartphone comes out and the app switched on, it’s all systems go: geo-targeting is ignited; data tracking launched. What does geo-targeting do? It makes it possible to gather GPS data from smartphones and other mobile devices then use the data to zero in on each user’s location and send information specific to the area.

How? With pop-ups, specific coupon codes, QR codes, special URLs, markers, links, geo-fencing, directions, and even online shopping.

Is this relevant to you, the advertising agency?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Location of places featuring the product in the ad are made instantly available. When an ad is interesting enough and readers keen enough to find out more, knowing where to go or where to find it online means purchases are processed. When that happens, bottom lines increase, and you are given the ROI credit because of the special URLs, markers and links included in your digital ad.

VR apps

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AR apps

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    This is where we come in

    We already agree an AR interactive print ad must be interesting and innovative. And we also agree the content must be relevant: relevant to the product and relevant to the reader.

    Great content is your expertise. Bringing it to life—putting in the magic—is ours.

    Remember the telephone commercial, “Reach out and touch someone”? With AR interactive digital ads, your readers will want to reach out and touch the intangible because it seems so real.

    And for you and your client, we ensure all the special URLs, QR codes, markers, links, geo-targeting and geo-fencing are in place.

    We become the other half of your successful team. You design and write the relevant content required. We put in the magic for your readers and the ROI for you.

    We’ve done it for many; we can do it for you. No hassle, no hitches.

    If you need a seamless software solution, contact us.

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