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Disney released the official Star Wars mobile app in 2015 for two reasons: news and entertainment.

The Star Wars official app is positioned as a central hub for what happens around Star Wars.

As an information source, it keeps the huge Star Warriors community updated on upcoming events through its newsfeed. And with the introduction of several features, like Star Wars augmented reality (AR) or Star Wars animated GIFs collection, fans can play with their favorite characters. Thus, Disney encourages them to spend more time using the app.

Star Wars app officially available on Android and iOS

Disney made the Star Wars app available on both iOS and Android platforms. There is no difference between the apps.

Users can choose between three themes: Light Side, Dark Side and Droids. Each theme contains its own GIFs, videos and sounds.

The app aggregates all franchise-related content in one place. In the first line, this is the newsfeed, a countdown timer for upcoming events, the day in history, trivia facts, and Star Wars-themed weather forecast.

It also offers some exclusive content: official videos, selfies with Star Wars characters (users get appropriate costume) and augmented reality.

Features of Star Wars augmented reality iPhone/Android app

iPhone users were first in line to enjoy the new AR features. Star Wars Android app came next. Nonetheless, both apps work smoothly offering the same UX.

The app has simple instructions for activation to AR mode:

  • Press Augmented Reality button.
  • Point the smartphone camera on a special Star Wars poster. Users can either print it or open on another screen.
  • Select a character. Optionally, toggle between normal and hologram mode.
  • Use buttons to select another character, play animation, take a photo or record a video.
  • Save/share the results or delete the pictures from the phone

What can be done next in Star Wars AR games?

While Star Wars app introduced augmented reality, it lacks a proper augmented reality game. Sure, users can play with their favorite characters, but this is unlikely a killer feature.

At the same time, the Star Wars franchise has all the prerequisites for a successful AR game:

  • enthusiastic, tech-savvy audience
  • well-described universe
  • a long history of video games (which can be prototype)
  • communication channel presented by Star Wars official mobile app

Augmented Reality will be the core technology making it possible for the new game to repeat Pokémon Go popularity. With the right gameplay, it will retain players for a long time.

Augmented Reality Blogstar wars ar game
Augmented Reality Blogar star wars game
Augmented Reality Blogstar wars augmented reality app
Augmented Reality Blogstar wars ar

FEATURED IMAGE: Shutterstock, Star Wars

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