How can AR/VR be best used in education?

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  • Ahmed Chan
    Americans use AR technology for education their students. I often see different Ar books and applications from Blippar where I can see how look Solar System, Volcanoes and how grow flowers , Google Sky Map for the study of astronomy. Students can create their own applications using Aurasma. Is it used (popular) in many countries or only in USA? Will VR technology be as popular for education as AR? Can virtual games and technology become our new educational system?

    Ted Harris

    I am really excited about the application Element 4D and anatomy. I think this is a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate how chemical elements react (or not) and what you will get in the end. You can also see the structure of some elements, e.g, how radium or mercury look like. The Anatomy application allows you to see how human organs work and how they look in 3D. I think it’s amazing.

    Owen Fernandez

    I use the Aurasma application with my students. This is a free app available on iOS and Android. you can create your own opportunities for augmented reality. Students can use this open source application to enjoy learning and significantly improve their level of knowledge. We use the application to leave book reviews. Teachers can present themselves and their subjects, if you put the phone camera onto their photo.